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The Tedi Sport Company was established in 2007 by former whitewater canoeist Tadeusz Kudlik.

We have created the Tedi Sport brand to deliver professional water equipment, kayaks, canoes and dragon boats of high quality in reasonable price. All products leaving our factory are handmade by experienced workers with high precision from highest quality materials which make our products very special and unique. This is why thousands of canoeists from all over the world placed their trust in our equipment.

Since 2010 we are making best polo canoe under the license of DPP Dynamic. In 2014 the Tedi Sport Comapny became the official partner and deliverer of dragon boats in Dragon Boats World Championships. In 2013 we made as the first in Poland project of overlay for wind power plants to increase their productivity. After one year wind power plants Vestas 80 working with our overlays achieved performance compared to Vestas 90.




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